We're so sorry to go

Awesometalk started with the idea that connecting to our friends and family online should be simpler. We wanted to remove the need to maintain yet another list of friends and online/offline statuses in favor of instant, full-screen connection.

I'm thrilled that we were able to provide a great experience to a core group of people who used the service every week. While I had hoped to grow out to all mobile platforms, ultimately hiccups on the way prevented our apps from going live.

We received a ton of support from family, friends, and users, and want to thank you all for kind words and time that you've given us. We hope that Awesometalk was able to serve you well for some time and are disappointed that we ultimately have had to shut it down.

If you'd like to say hi or chat about products and programming, feel free to drop me a line at matt@awesometalk.com.

Best Wishes,
- Matt